Kryptonite locks are one of the most popular bike locks in the world.  If you have ever seen a bike locked up on the street, you've seen a Kryptonite lock.  In 2017, a few of their locks underwent a redesign to further prevent theft.  I was approached to help show the new design in ways that couldn't be shown by a live-action shoot.
Kryptonite's marketing department had shot a few video tutorials featuring the new design, but wanted to incorporate 3D animation to enhance them and give the customers a better sense of what happens when the lock engages.  I was able to work with the marketing team to secure the engineering CAD files so I could import them into Cinema 4D, ensuring the accuracy of the new lock design.  I created style frames, textured, lit and animated the spots over 2 weeks to meet their tight deadline. 
The project was created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane Render.
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