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I’m Mark Cernosia – a video editor, motion graphics designer and videographer based in Burlington, Vermont.  I’m currently the lead video editor and motion designer at Burton Snowboards.  Most of my days are spent editing videos, creating motion graphics, shooting video and helping produce Burton’s global live event production.  I also freelance for local and national companies. I am currently available for freelance opportunities.


Over many years of shooting video, I have shot with a lot of different cameras and film making tools. From RED Epic’s & Scarlet’s to Canon DSLRs, I love using all of the technology in today’s cinema industry.  I have years of experience with shooting, lighting and audio.  I can take any video project from pre-production and concepting to post production and final delivery.

Video Editing

Editing in Adobe Premiere and the integration of the other Adobe programs has allowed me to streamline my workflow and be much more efficient in my day to day editing.  A rough cut to the final cut now takes a fraction of time.  From commercials to national TV shows, I can turnaround projects faster than ever before.

Motion Graphics

As an Art major with a background in video, transitioning into motion graphics was a natural. From 2D and 3D animations to compositing & visual effects, programs like After Effects & Cinema 4D provide me with the tools necessary to take ordinary projects to new and exciting levels.

Live Broadcast

There is nothing like being at the control of what 100,000 viewers are watching.  Over the past 8 years, I have been a freelance Director and Technical Director for many live action sports and music events.  I’ve seen live broadcasts for the web (webcasts) develop and grow over the past decade and am proud to have been on the forefront of this technology.

Mark Cernosia | Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, Videographer